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Please contact me at to proceed further with selecting a plan. We will discuss further on payment processing. 

1 month, 1 lesson per week

4 Lessons

8 Lessons

16 Lessons




1 month, 2 lessons per week

1 month, 4 lessons per week

  • Refer a client and get a free lesson!

  • All prices listed above are for classes of 4 students. 

  • Prices listed are only for Tutoring 101 and Programming Made Fun.


Hear what past students have said about their experiences learning with me.

“As a teacher, Patrick always made sure I understood the concepts, giving different examples and explaining things differently if 1 method of conveyance did not work. He also went the extra step of sending me extra reference material even on his off time. He was also a teacher who cared about his student’s success, this was evident on multiple occasion when he went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule and deadlines to make sure I succeeded, even at the cost of his own sleep and personal time.”

Floyd Pinto, University Student

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