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Math & Programming Made Easy!

Learning how to do something is just as important as understanding why we do something.

Teaching Philosophy

At Turing Learning Academy, I believe that learning how to do something is as important as understanding why something is done. My students work on both the fundamentals and complex problems. It is clear that programming is the literacy of the future, I want to prepare my students as best as possible for the future by teaching them to program and improving their grades. I practice what I teach; I have professional work experience in programming, math, and tutoring. I understand that programming and math do not exist in a vacuum; rather they rest upon a set of essential skills that must be taught. These skills include logical reasoning, memorization, creativity, precision, pattern matching, symbol interpretation, and puzzle-solving. At Turing Learning Academy, I make sure that my students learn to master these essential skills.

What We Offer

  • Tutoring services specializing in computer programming and math.

  • We tutor students of all ages and of varying abilities.

  • A customized curriculum that specializes in cognitive development for mathematics and programming; you can’t find this curriculum anywhere else.

  • One-on-one classes or group sessions.

  • We offer you the choice to follow the customized curriculum, or we can help your child with their math and programming homework.

  • We provide an initial assessment to gauge your child’s strengths.

  • Regular and consistent feedback is provided for both students and parents

  • Flexible schedule

  • Services are provided online or in person (based on location).

Computer Programming

We offer a fun an interactive programming stream, where your child will learn the ins and outs of programming.

Math & English

We help your child excel in Math and English with our own unique curriculum, as well as helping them with their homework.


Hear what past students have said about their experiences learning with me.

“As a teacher, Patrick always made sure I understood the concepts, giving different examples and explaining things differently if 1 method of conveyance did not work. He also went the extra step of sending me extra reference material even on his off time. He was also a teacher who cared about his student’s success, this was evident on multiple occasion when he went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule and deadlines to make sure I succeeded, even at the cost of his own sleep and personal time.”

Floyd Pinto, University Student

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