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How it Works

At Turing Learning Academy, I offer online tutoring and in person classes upon request.  I use Zoom to conduct online tutoring sessions, which is a free video conferencing service. The link to Zoom can be found below.


I provide tutoring in math, English and computer programming. For math and English, I tutor students from grade 1 to grade 12. For programming, I tutor students of all ages, including elementary school, high school, university, and college students as well as working professionals.


The first thing I do is provide an initial assessment to gage the strengths of the student. The assessment is more like a fun game rather than formal tests. Feedback is shared with the student and the parent(s)/guardian(s). The initial assessment is free of charge and done individually.

offer three different streams at Turing Learning Academy. They are the following 

  • Tutoring 101 - With Tutoring 101, your child will receive attentive and consistent help with their homework. I spend the time to make sure your child really understands the work they are being taught in school. 

  • Programming Made Fun! - With Programming Made Fun!, I explore the wide world of programming with your child. This is really what Turing Learning Academy specializes in. Your child starts with the basics, and works their way up to making Super Mario! Once completed making Super Mario, your child will have received a strong foundation in programming, which will lead to them having a successful career in programming. The key to becoming a good programmer is practice, practice, and more practice! I want your child to enjoy programming so they will take the initiative to make more projects on their own!

  • Emergency Homework Help! - Left an assignment to the last minute? Didn't give yourself enough time to study for finals? Have no fear, I am hear for you! With the Emergency Homework Help stream, I am available at a last minute notice!  You will get access to my cellphone number, and you can call whenever you need. I will spend one on one time with you, making sure your assignment is submitted on time, or you're ready for that exam you put off studying for. Pricing for this program is given upon request. 


At Turing Learning Academy, I offer both one-on-one and group tutoring sessions. For group sessions, I group students who have chosen the same stream (the Tutoring 101 stream or the Programming Made Fun! stream). The group sizes do not exceed four students and each session is 45 minutes long.

Zoom -

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